How did led to the now Middle East

Historical background of the Middle East turmoil, short-sighted ...

How did led to the now Middle East In this special issue, in order to understand the situation in the Middle East to confusion, we look back for the short-sighted behavior of the UK and after the war the United States at the time of the first World War. This is, now is also a remote cause of the dispute to be repeated to continue confusion, because has become a beginning. Over the post-war time, Israel and the Arab countries with the inclusion of the war, clues can not see Israel and the peace negotiations with the Palestinians. In the background the composition was born of deep-rooted conflict, there is the British "three sheets tongue" diplomacy of before and after the second World War. In the first following the war, the United Kingdom, France, and the Allies centered on the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian Empire, the allies such as the Ottoman Turkey fought. UK, in order to advance the fight advantageously, it was attempted an attempt to cause a revolt to Arabs living in the Ottoman Turkish territory. The was Hussein and the United Kingdom of Egypt High Commissioner was the Viceroyalty of Mecca McMahon was Torikawashi in October year's Hussein McMahon agreement.

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