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How did led to the now Middle East Dispute List of Middle East Modern This is a dispute List of the modern Middle East, has posted a dispute that occurred in geographic and political region country is known as the Middle East. [Middle East] is traditionally the Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia), the Levant, the Nile delta, the Arabian Peninsula, the Anatolian peninsula, has been defined as the neighboring regions of Iran. Currently the Middle East is west Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, east Iran and the Persian Gulf [], north Turkey and Iran, south Yemen, leading to Oman. Dispute is a separate incident that put at least 00 deaths, have been described the total number of deaths, including the secondary dispute The term [contemporary] shows the Ottoman Empire and later (after a year). Dispute List Year dispute place victims 0 Saudi Arabia unification of [a] Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Emirate of Nejd and Hasa Flag of Hejaz .svg Kingdom of Hejaz Standard of the Emir of Kuwait, .svg Kuwait Emirates Flag of Nejd () .svg Na Judd Sultanate Jordan Flag transformer Jordan Emirates Iraq Flag of United Kingdom Mandates Mesopotamia Flag of Nejd () .

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